Forty –

by Emma Bush on September 4, 2018

So far I’m liking forty.  It’s like I’m standing on top of the mountain, not climbing, not decending, just standing in the present, looking out at the view.  I can see what was, the climb that felt like a fall…and I can see the different paths that lie in the potential of what has yet to happen.

Forty is good.


I Didn’t Die…

by Emma Bush on September 3, 2018

I thought I did…

It felt like I did.

Pretty certain that that was dead….

Maybe I did?

But at the end of the tunnel (it was a tunnel, not a cave…I JUST HAD TO LEARN TO DIG-because back was not an option. As tattooed on my left wrist in Swedish…Tranga Sig Fram- PUSH FORWARD….note to self….)

Anyhow….I am making a few profound changes in my world right now….Firstly, I’m no longer blogging at….ONE – BECAUSE I AM NOT A GHOST I AM ALIVE AND LIVING AND GRATEFUL TO BE DOING SO –   MY name is e.m.m.a.I.a.m.m.e. Forwards and backwards, still me.  Still here.  That optimistic lil flame I was born with…still burns…it just needs a lil room to BREATHE.  I do matter, (WE ARE ALL REALLLLLY IMPORTANT I BELIEVE) my life was not an accident, nor was yours, or is yours (humanity needs to refocus itself I think….)…and I’m gonna be just fine….and this world is going to be to be as well, cause this is MY HOME YO!  And your home….So it will always be taken care of…because I imagine We’re the product of a creation that God loved/loves somehow and someway….and he protects his…you know?

FAITH A FAITH A FAITH ….(thanks george michael).

So… Emmmmmmmma….the dilemma that is me…will stop living as if I didn’t matter or as if I was dead…aka…OK….I’ll start CARING BOUT ME AGAIN.  I stopped…because …I learned to not care, I was taught to….but I’m realigning my compass and perhaps others out there are doing so as well….the real ghost, I imagine, is a collective of our waking being walking talking longings to God when surrounded by good intention…I bet he hears it all….just saying….


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thank you…

December 18, 2016

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