Back to the Basics

by Emma Bush on August 14, 2016

Lace up those Asics
How’s the gatorade taste, Kid?

we’re at the races
and I’m intimidated by the fast pace
it paces
and times ticking
i don’t wanna waste it
cuz life is
cause and effect
and I have yet
to see the affect of me
but I will!
I’m not meant to be a burden
or a pest
I’m an investment.
Cause I’m driven
I’m on fire
I love the truth
I’m not a liar
I can’t see a mountain
and not climb it
so I’m putting my feet to the pavement
blood sweat and tears?
I gave it.
didn’t think i could take it
didn’t think i was gonna make it
but i made it
it hurt
for me wisdom came in
devastating spurts.
the dream I chase
is so close I can taste it
I’ve been given a gift
and I’m not going to waste it.

1978 (42)“What u talkin’ bout, Willis?” ….That is the quote I would put on my face were I able to make a meme out of this pictures…I look….like I am no longer comfortable, though no offense mom, not sure how comfy your belly was…I wonder what percentage of people that suffer from severe claustrophobia were born overdue? It’s getting VERY VERY CRAMPED IN HERE…

Yesterday was my thirty eighth birthday…I spent quite a bit of time yesterday looking at this list I had folded up and put in my Bible just about a year ago…It was a list that a friend’s daughter helped me concoct.  Chella is important, I’ll tell you that now.  Her generation is SO IMPORTANT.  IT IS CYCLE BREAKING TIME.  A year ago I was at the low that was so low I think I may have woken up with dirt in my mouth.  I was broken.  And the list said “Thing’s to live for….”

hahaha….angels come in all shapes and sizes, don’t they?  God bless all the little lighthouses in training out there, and their mothers, Danielle!).  I believe that life is going to get a lot better.  I have one of those gut feelings, and I’ve learned to trust my gut over the years…so should YOU.

When I was 18 I got down on my hands and knees and prayed Phil. 4:11-13 over my life.  I said, “God, I want to know what it means to have to rely on you…I want what this guy is talking about…someday I’m going to be a writer and I want to go on adventures and share them.  I want to learn the secret of being content in any and all situations, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want…I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH HIM WHO GIVES ME STRENGTH!…I asked for it, and I got it…

And if you are just rolling by and you find this …please don’t get turned off by the fact I’m talking religion and Jesus.  I was born in a Christian Box so I speak Jesus…I don’t speak Muslim or Budhist, or Atheist or this and that…I’m just a wee little quirky human being.  I only speak one language.  But I have NO DOUBT God speaks all of them.  DO NOT BE OFFENDED BY ME, please, I’m just trying to learn and be better…perhaps we could speak together with a translator someday…

I’m what I like to call a heathen Christian….as in…I DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE DETAILS, the Devil is in the details and I tripped and stumbled on them….I refuse to give two fucks if Mary was a virgin, or if Noah had an Ark, or if the snake in the garden was or was NOT just a penis….I DO NOT CARE.  I’m not going to get distracted from Jesus’s message, which is to LOVE.  LOVE.  LOVE. But a note to my good and dear and devout friends of whom there are many I know…I’m a horrible example of a Christian and that’s why I’ve never talked religion before.  But this is how I’ve had to do it, and in my next post I’LL TELL YOU WHY (Look at that, I just gave myself a writing assignment, that will be for tomorrow :)

I always thought that the New Testament and the Old Testament were like the right hand not talking to the left hand…Let me tell you the best way to piss me off…NOT TALK TO ME WHEN I’M TALKING TO YOU…maybe that’s why life has been a royal bitch, maybe I pissed God off…cause he gave me my three God moments back to back in my early twenties and it took me twenty years to be strong enough to blog about them.  I AM GOING TO BLOG MY GOD MOMENTS :)  (Another writing assignment?  Yay!  I love this…it can be like little chapters, you just have to choose to follow along…self motivating…i think i can, i think i can i think i can I AM.)

Now I’m starting to think of the Bible as a person.  The Old Testament was like a teenager all riled up and full of hormones and figuring life out, youthful….it did well, get a little intense… but the little Bible grew up to be a GOOD BOOK when you finally figure it out….I got SO ANGRY when I was a teenager, reading the old testament.  I remembered reading the law where rape victims were stoned … EMMA FACT:  I grew up in an EXTREMELY DYSFUNCTIONAL CHRISTIAN LITTLE TOWN, complete with the picturesque steeple….

Heathen Christian….don’t knock me, though, Anne of Greene Gables was where I learned the word heathen so really its not that bad….and GRACE that SAVING GRACE that idea of forgiveness and NEW BEGINNINGS?   So very grateful for it, and of course in return I WANT TO show gratitude I DO MY BEST TO BE MY BEST AND DO BETTER EVERY DAY.  Cause THANK GOD FOR TODAY.  THANK GOD I’M A YEAR AWAY FROM THAT SAD SAD PLACE.

So yes, please stay tuned.  I’m Emma Bush.  I’m a blogger…I just rototilled my garden (I’ll explain that badboy analogy later)…I’m a writer…therefore I am.  I’m going to write my life away.  I’m going to share my life with you, and for those of you that have shared there life with me, or that will go on to share with me?  Thank you.  :)  I’m excited.  I feel like with the Olympics going on right now and the world working together…it would be a travesty not to say “LET THE GAMES BEGIN.”

Back to basics.  I think it’s gonna be fun :)

People have been PRAYING FOR ME.  Tonight I think I may have even felt it…I just know….thank you for all of those who have loved me and encouraged me and not turned your back on me.  I know I’m a handful…

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by Emma Bush on July 9, 2016


Once I was nothing more than a drop of rain
up high in the sky
yet to feel the pain of change
just a drop dripping and
falling down
towards that impressive ground.
down below
where I watched all the other raindrops go.
Perhaps I don’t know as much as I think I do, though
because when a cold front moved in then
I’m snow and I now float like a parachute
I did spins in the air as I came down.
and whimsical loopty loops.
I took my time.
I’m acutely aware there is no rewind.
while I was drifting
the wind kept on lifting me!
I decided to dream of the life
I wanted to live.
So many things
I wanted to do and be
and so many things my eyes have wanted to see.
and as I was coming down
to that ever intimidating ground
I could SEE
what it was and how it was gonna be!
But I didn’t land as I planned.
sometimes fate plays a hand,
Fast  was my crash
so quiet, not loud
landing in snow
was like landing in clouds
But now I fear trouble creeps
cause nothing is going to be able to keep me
from rolling down this hill….
on a precipice so high
over looking shining lights
and in the distance is the sea
at this very instance this incline is so steep!
Redefining the word free fall.
Down down down
that was my head
and that was my heals
over and over down that hill I cartwheeled.
the more I tumbled
the less I could feel.
All that I was aware of was my size
as at this point I’m afraid
I may hurt or compromise
something or someone else
I don’t wish to hurt anyone’s pride.
As this has been happening
i snagged my toe on a ball of string
dear me!  oh my!
I find inside my snowball string
so in your lie I’m now lying
doesn’t seem fair
this doesn’t seem like living it’s dying.
as my twirling world is spiraling
now as i’m somersaulting
down this thing
I’m just getting more tied and knotted up in this ball of string!
I was spending all my time hoping to break my fall
it turns out I’ve got so much string and snowball
as I get closer to the city
beneath me
i can more clearly see
that when this snowball finally
comes to a stop and gets some rest
It’s going to be one big
huge gigantic slushy
snowball mess
and it may leave many feeling regret or duress
Because you can’t have a snowball
string of lies without causing pain
upon arrival.
So I suppose we should all just compromise.
and call it survival.

I’m writing again. 😉

I found this old gem of a home video the other day.  I am forever grateful to my parents and my aunt and Uncle Kyle and Warren and my grandparents for getting me a camcorder for a graduation gift.  I can’t imagine how frustrating I would have been to everyone way back in the day if I had been born with an iPhone in hand, complete with photo and video and editor, ect.

This video was taken at my home in Eglon back in 1997 on what appears to be a pleasant day…a typical Eglon day….a meeting of the mothers to play cards.  Genie Johnson, Joy Harrison and my mom and aunt Kyle would play cards for HOURS and HOURS.  And they were HYSTERICAL were you to listen in on their conversation (hard not to do when their voices and laughs are echoing throughout the entire house.)

And my animals of the day, Brady and Oliver.

:)  I think its so interesting watching animals interact.  If your pet doesn’t have a friend maybe you should adopt one because they dynamic adds a lot to this here living experience.

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