Stand By Me

by Emma Bush on January 4, 2019


Kevin may be taking a drive over the mountains in the upcoming months….who knows….

I am excited to hug my brother.

I love that we have learned we can facetime (though we don’t do it as much as we should.)

He’s my protector.  I told him that years ago….and he said that he felt he did a poor job….but I reminded him he was in a straightjacket of hands tied and you can only do so much at once….but that I know he would have been there were he able.  But I love, love, love that he may be coming to stay for a week or so in the upcoming year.  It would be good to see him.  He, Erik and Bjorn, those Nielsen Brothers/cousins of mine that helped mold me into the tomboy that unleashed herself on the world …..I remember the ways in which THEY DID KEEP ME SAFE.  Good men, my Nielsen’s….My brothers.

I miss Bjorn every day, but he is with me always….we will meet again…I see him in some of my facial expressions and I remember, we are imprinted with one another….(fuck cancer)….

Nobody is born with the tools they need to perform the tasks they will be faced with.  It’s with time and perseverance and a team effort that creates momentum enough to challenge or combat opposition.


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by Emma Bush on January 2, 2019

Before Emma was on an ambulance she was on a hospital ship….the M/V Anastasis (yes, I’m referring to myself third person, get used to it.) I‘m going to begin to tell you about what happened overseas….what my eyes did see.  And witness.  Where I was and what life was and such is…not bliss….but …hopeful.

The next time either of my parents wish I would shush because my narrative is uncomfortable, I think I will just show them this video….I LOVE YOU BOTH (my Norman Lyle and Cynthia Louise)….and I understand when people close to me don’t care to know….even if I think it’s pivotal in to their future….Don’t commit me parents, no matter how crazy you think I am, how “free” you think America is…..Or how worried you are I’m going to talk about what I found on your laptop…

9-11 was orchestrated by a cruel force.

God is not CRUEL.


Government might be – tho –

WE ARE AMERICA.  Not Government.  WE…the PEOPLE.  WE ARE THE CONTINENT.  WE are what is CONtained in it.   But we need to wake up and not be so easily conned.  We have a like goal…LIFE….WELLBEING….HOPE…FUTURE FOR OUR CHILDREN….Stay informed, even when it scares you and makes you sick to do so….cause it’s all around us people, and its going down for REAL




Punch Sleep

January 2, 2019

I woke up this morning punching the wall. I punched three rapid fire right hands. Bam bam bam. I woke up on the third punch, sort of lurching upright. In my dream I had been in the ring….this is a dream similar to others that come from time to time, and it followed the usual […]

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Always In the Background

December 27, 2018

I’m not going anywhere…. I’m not going anywhere.  I just have nothing more to say. I once thought I wanted to be a writer.   I ghosted for awhile…. I don’t want to be a writer any longer. I haven’t wanted to be for a long long time.  I just felt obligated … like that was […]

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December 26, 2018

Home. Your roots, your foundation. No matter the wind that batters, nor the storms that have shaken, nothing, not even time, from your memory and heart, can it be taken. Homecoming By Emma Nielsen 1993 I am sitting here now, on this beautiful summer afternoon, looking out over the yard.  It is not as it […]

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Protected: Just Saying

January 2, 2019

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Rear View Mirror

December 26, 2018

My past is right behind me I can feel its breath on my neck I can’t run forever my legs are tired I’m out of breath. So afraid of what would happen should I stop and face it I keep running, keep running Two years ago I wondered rather depressed and aimlessly through my father’s […]

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The Ghost of Christmas Present

December 25, 2018

It’s set in motion, you can’t stop it. You can bob and weave, but you can’t hip hop it. Its too late, its already started. In your face, your life bombarded. So hang tight!?- Grip firm!?- Stand upright! …get low! Brace yourself, don’t look back, storm IS coming- hurricane attack! Hold TIGHT! Whiplash will pull? […]

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Life Without Art is Just -Eh

January 8, 2017

by Emma Bush (reposted, original post: May 17, 2015) Life without art is just ‘eh’….in more ways than one. Yes it is. I’m a writer. I’ve been writing since the day I discovered I could put words on a piece of paper and tell a story. I suppose writing is my art. I have never […]

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thank you…

December 18, 2016

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